You make the difference!

We’re thankful that God has given us this opportunity to facilitate the hope of a Christian education for low income children in Virginia. Your help makes that a reality! When you make a tax credit donation, we use those funds to award scholarships to eligible students in qualified Christian schools. Thank you for ensuring a Christian education is available for many more Virginia students. Gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


    • Part I:   Please be sure to provide the requested information for each line of this section.
    • Reminder: If a donor is married and contributing on an individual basis, only one Tax ID and one Donor name is allowed per form.  If a donor is contributing as a business the FEIN number must be used on Line 2 instead of a social security number and the donor’s name on Line 3 would be the name of the business. A business contact name must be entered on Line 4.
    • Part II:
      • Line A: Enter the total amount of the donation you are submitting for tax credit.
      • Line B: Calculate 65% of the total amount on Line A and enter that amount in the space provided.
      • Line C: Answer the question (yes or no) on line C.  If the answer is “yes” enter the pre-approved tax credit amount.
    • Part III.  Print your Name, Sign and Date the form. Individual donors can give as little as $500 and as much as $125,000 annually.  Businesses, including sole proprietors, may give with no limits. Both type donors receive a 65% tax credit on their Virginia state income tax return for the year the donation is made.  The donor process is simple and is outlined below.Step (1) Complete and submit a Preauthorization Form to the Virginia Department of Education. Instructions for completing the form are:

              Step (2) There are two options to submitting your form:

    1) (Preferred) Email the form as a PDF attachment to or mail it to
    Renewanation. Upon receipt Judy will submit the form electronically to the Virginia Department of
    Education (VDOE) for you.

    ATTN: Judy Ralph
    P. O. Box 12366
    Roanoke, VA  24025

                   2) Download, complete, and mail your Donor Preauthorization Form to Virginia Department of
    Education. (Form can be found on

    Virginia Department of Education
    25th Floor
    Attn: Scholarship Tax Credit Program
    P.O. Box 2120
    Richmond, VA 23216-2120

           Step (3) Once the VDOE receives the form; it will be reviewed for approval.  Following approval, an
    Approval Letter will be mailed to you at the address provided on your Preauthorization form.


    Step (4)  Once you have your Approval Letter, you should mail it along with your donation, to RENEWANATION within 180 days of the date at the top of the notice. The donation amount can be paid all at once or can be divided into multiple payments as long as the total donation is paid within the 180-day period. (Just a reminder, the 180 days starts as of the date on your Approval Letter.) Should the total amount paid and the amount of the donation specified on the Approval Letter differ at the end of the 180 days, your tax credit certificate will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount paid.


    Step (5) Upon receipt of your donation and Approval Letter RENEWANATION will report your payment to the VDOE on your behalf and a tax credit certificate will be mailed to you by the VDOE.

If your gift has already been approved, please send your Approval Letter through one of the two above options (located within Step 2). Upon receipt, Renewanation will report your donation to the VDOE, who in turn will mail your Virginia tax credit certificate directly to the address you provided.