Growing strong communities in Virginia by connecting individuals, businesses, families, and quality Christian schools.

What We Are

The Renewanation Virginia Scholarship Foundation (RVSF) is a division of Renewanation, a 501(c)3 public charity. RVSF engages individuals and businesses in Virginia in community transformation through the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program. The foundation enables donors to receive qualified tax credits while providing eligible children in Virginia the opportunity to receive Christian worldview education.

Donor Benefits

  • Obtain a charitable giving receipt.
  • Receive 65% of the gift value of your approved donation as a State Tax Credit.
  • For those that choose to itemize, you may earn additional tax benefits as a charitable donation from the proceeds donated (Federal & State).
  • If you pay taxes and itemize, you may reduce your tax liability by 75-105%.*
  • Tax credits may be claimed in the same year donated or carried over to the next 5 succeeding taxable years.
  • Benefits apply to both individuals and businesses.
  • Monetary and marketable security donations accepted.
  • Direct your tax dollars to help children receive a quality Christian education.
  • Help to improve a community through the values-based culture the education you sponsor will provide.

*Renewanation is not a certified tax service organization. Reduced tax liability needs to be determined by donor’s tax preparer.

Community Benefits

  • Students are able to receive a quality education based on Christian values and biblical principles.
  • Parents get to choose where their children are educated.
  • Communities are strengthened as a result of students who are well educated and often project into society the principles and values they have learned.

Who is Eligible?

For Eligible Donor information click here
For Eligible Student information click here

You Can Make the Difference!

You can ensure a Christian education is available for many more Virginia students.